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What do you get when you combine caring, competence and commitment?

You get the business team of Chris Werme & Mike Boland.

For Chris and Ron, some of the best moments in the backyard of their North Grafton home are enjoyed in the company of their grandchildren.


One of the most meaningful compliments anyone can receive is "You have a big heart.Ē Thereís no question that this accolade applies to Chris Werme (pronounced Wer-mee) and her son- in-law, Mike Boland. Within their family, thereís a strong connection that spans the generations. These deep family values they share provide continual inspiration when it comes to their dynamic real estate partnership.

Open Doors, Open Hearts

Chris believes in open doors and open hearts. Over the years, she and her husband, Ron have welcomed more than 50 foster children into their home. "I love giving people an opportunity to experience family in a positive way,Ē she says. "Each one of those kids has touched our lives and will always be part of us.Ē Itís a statement that illuminates a big heart and an incredibly caring nature. Chris is a Worcester County native and her friends and family will attest that she represents the epitome of caring.

Family Matters

Nothing is more important to Mike than his family. Whether itís sports, school or scouting activities, he and his wife, Kelly, enjoy spending as much quality time as possible with their three children.

When Mike joined the family by marrying Chris and Ronís daughter, Kelly, he fit right in. He, too, is a Worcester County native and has always had strong family values. He and Kelly now have three children of their ownóMolly, Emma and Myles. They enjoy making the most of life together and creating lasting memories as a family. Mike volunteers as a coach with some of his childrenís sports teams, and is always willing to take an active part in various school and scouting events.

Intensely Caring Approach

It seems completely appropriate, then, that Worcester County is the stage for Chris & Mikeís successful real estate partnership. Their family connection serves as great inspiration. Itís rare enough to find a mother and son-in- law who get along at all, let alone a pair like Chris & Mike who work so well together. Their individual skills and personalities complement one another to create a unique and effective team dynamic.

Among the things Chrisís clients appreciate most about her is that she honestly cares about their home sale or purchase.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local real estate. Her expertise is undeniable and she excels at building lasting relationships with clients as a result of her caring approach. Mike, on the other hand, draws from his 15 years of experience as a leading salesman in the technology industry. With his organizational abilities, strong people skills and utilization of the latest technology, resources and systems, he knows how to keep everything on track toward a successful transaction. When you put Chris & Mike together, you get a powerful combination committed to providing the most comprehensive real estate service around.

Completely Committed

From the moment you begin working with Chris & Mike, you can tell they are completely committed to your success. They demonstrate that every step of the way, from initial conversation through frequent updates to successful completion of the transaction. With local knowledge, proven experience and genuine care, Chris & Mike work with you every step of the way to create exceptional results.

When itís time to sell or buy a home, condo or investment property in Worcester County, contact Chris Werme & Mike Boland to experience A Caring Approach from Beginning to End. Call or email them today to arrange a complimentary consultation.